Graduate Students

Marina Doucerian, M.A.
Doctoral Student

marinaI am presently a doctoral candidate under the supervision of Dr. Ryder. The research question that guides my work is “What are the changes that an immigrant experiences when living in a new cultural environment?” I’m particularly interested in the role of social participation in these changes. Immigration is a demanding process: it entails learning new skills, often a new language, rebuilding a social architecture, acquiring new identities and renegotiating old ones, etc. I believe that if understand this process more deeply, then maybe we can support people through it better.

Although the origin of this question is not obvious from my academic background (B.Sc in biological sciences, B.Ed in secondary science education, and M.A. in Education, all at McGill), the topic of life in a new cultural environment and a new language permeated the years I spent at university. I was myself an immigrant and freshly off the plane when I started studying at McGill. Over the last 9 years I struggled my way through learning a new language, integrating new cultures, and creating new identities. Still today, issues of language are very central to my life as my partner, our three children and myself navigate our way between French, English, and German (sometimes not so smoothly!).

Jiahong Sun , M.A.
Doctoral Student